i've been cooking a lot more in the past year because i've moved in with my boyfriend. here are some things i made!
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2022-04-30. our most recent meal! made some steak with roasted potatoes and brussel sprouts.

2022-04-17. we had a little egg hunt and later dyed easter eggs!

2022-04-17. easter breakfast. loaf only likes plain pancakes with syrup. i put all sorts of things in my pancakes, but i don't much like syrup.

2022-04-18. noodle soup! one of my favorite meals as a kid. topped with egg, kimchi, seaweed...

2022-04-11. lunch for myself while my boyfriend was out. i tried to imitate the fried rice from a local thai place... it didn't turn out the same, but still tasty.

2022-02-19. kimchi nabe with pork cutlets. my boyfriend likes this dish! i never seem to have cabbage or radish on hand when i need it, so this dish was rather simplified. cheese and kimchi is always a great combination though.

2021-04-28. spam, eggs, spinach, and cherry tomatoes. a nice breakfast i liked to make my senior year of college.

2020-11-17. the italian place we frequented closed down, so i found the recipes one of my favorite sides of theirs.

2020-09-06. ramen! when i was left home alone for lunch i would look forward to instant ramen.